Why Are All The New Operating Systems Awful?

December 5, 2007

Its a question worth asking.  Be it Windows Vista, OS X Panther Leopard (thanks, david!) or Ubuntu 7.10, every one I have tried has just been so damned disappointing.

There is an obvious answer to this question:  they are not major leaps over the operating system before them.

I have been using Vista since February on my machine and Ubuntu 7.10 since a few days after it was released.  I can’t say I have noticed the sort of massive slowdowns that people have reported with Vista, but then I did buy it with the components of a new computer, one with a fast dual core, excellent graphics card and 2 GB of fast RAM.  My personal experience of Vista has, all told, been pretty positive but then, I have few peripherals, have nothing like older scanners or printers, etc, and few old pieces of software I needed to get working on it.  However, I appreciate that Vista is much slower on older hardware and have never bothered to try XP to see just how fast it could go in comparison.  My experience with Ubuntu 7.10 has been almost totally the opposite:  at the moment when I boot into Ubuntu, it will work for about 5 minutes and then the mouse will freeze and then, soon after, the keyboard.  Most perplexing, but from searching the web not an issue unique to me.  Sigh, I’ll wait for the next iteration or maybe try a different distro…

In a way, the biggest problem with Vista is that XP Service Pack 2 was released.  A lot of the feature set of Vista has been to beef up the security of the product, but that is also what Service Pack 2 did.  Whilst Vista does ramp up the security to a large extent over Service Pack 2, for most SP2 was “good enough” and, worse, Vista’s improvements have upped security whilst lowering usability.

However, its not enough for me to go back to XP – not when Crysis looks THAT good with DirectX 10!

2 Responses to “Why Are All The New Operating Systems Awful?”

  1. David Says:

    OS X Panther is a little old. Perhaps you mean Leopard?

  2. Mark Sammons Says:

    duh! Of course, thanks!

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