Better Settings, Real Defaults

September 19, 2008

The way FirefoxADM has worked up to now, it is based on the notion that Computer Configuration is Locked Settings and User Configuration are Default Settings.

Unfortunately, a real weakness with FirefoxADM was that the Default Settings simply didn’t work properly – they weren’t real defaults, but would overwrite any personally set values with a value which was then changeable.  The way real defaults should work is if you set a default homepage and the user has a user_pref it should use their user_pref and ignore the default you set.

Also, I wanted to move away from the usage of User Configuration.  It is more difficult to keep track of I find especially with the use of Loopback processing widespread.  Therefore, I want to take as many settings as possible and expose them solely through the Computer Configuration ADM template.  How will this look?  Here is the new ADM template for controlling Java:


For a lot of the settings, there will be 2 settings:  Preference State and how you would like the preference to be handled.

Preference State will be Default or Locked:


And in this case, you can choose to have the settings Allowed or Disallowed:


So, for this particular preference, you have 4 possible enabled states:





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