March 26, 2009

Ok, this is a little embarrassing in that this announcement is a month late, as the release got caught up in my planning of my holiday to Australia (which was fabulous!).

Anyway, is now up on sourceforge.  With this release, all existing functions where it makes sense for them to have it, now have the possibility of setting either a Locked or Default value.  The few that do not are simply because I couldn’t see why you would want to have them as Default values.  However, if anyone feels they should be, let me know and I’ll add those in.

With, in development, I will be going through Firefox 3.0 and 3.1/3.5 to see what new features I can add.  No promise on when I can release that.

In I will be adding in some important new features, including backing up and restoring of the various Firefox JS files that get quite radically altered by this new iteration of FirefoxADM.  I also, possibly in, want to add in some functionality to allow existing ADMXPI Administrative Templates to work with FirefoxADM.

Also, would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has contacted me recently, some really kind messages and a few support calls which I hope I have been able to help out with.  On we go…


7 Responses to “FirefoxADM”

  1. SyP Says:

    Hi, I would like to try FirefoxADM, but SourceForge said the file is unavailable. Is there some problem with the package so you had to take it down?

  2. Mark Sammons Says:

    just tried the download again – seems to be fine, maybe a problem at sourceforge’s end?

  3. Nathan Says:

    will there be a full switch or fork in the development to support ADMX. I would prefer a native ADMX to use instead of running a converted ADM, or is that what you are talking about regarding

  4. Mark Sammons Says:


    The ADMXPI I mention above is the Firefox Add-on version of this group policy control functionality I did a couple of years back.

    You are correct that I should do a ADMX template for this. I just haven’t done one so far because we haven’t been actively using Vista too much at work. I will add that to the things-to-do list and probably give me an excuse to rejig the templates generally to tidy them up.

  5. Clayten Gillis Says:


    I added some options to version and left the code in the patch section of FirefoxADM on Sourceforge if you want to take a look and integrate with your version.

    These changes control some of the privacy options in Firefox. FirefoxADM has saved me a lot of work and I just wanted to give back. Thank you.

  6. Mark Sammons Says:


    Many thanks. I will have a look at this code. As you might see from my post this morning, it may well be that your code is similar to the code in, but will have a look at it and see if I can use it.

    • Clayten Gillis Says:


      Too funny. Wonder if they integrated my patch or did the same thing on their own. If we did it independently I guess I just should have waited. lol.

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